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Christopher Nour

Principal Physiotherapist

Our Principal Physiotherapist Chris founded Urban Physiotherapy Sports Clinic following several years of experience working with elite athletes particularly in the space of post on-field injury rehabilitation for tennis and football players. Chris has spent over 4 years as an on-field physiotherapist managing injuries and rehabilitation as well as 3 years with Parramatta Football club. Chris currently sponsors upcoming junior Tennis and cycling champions as they go professional internationally through injury prevention programs which are run at his clinic.

Chris has furthered his clinical skills in the space of workplace injuries and the effects of ergonomics on musculoskeletal injuries such as tension headaches, shoulder dysfunctions and lower back pain by achieving a Distinction in Ergonomics (Masters) at James Cook University.


Having consulted Australia’s leading ergonomic chair manufacturers on design to best support office workers given his clinical and ergonomic understanding and continues to consult top tier international companies on ergonomic goals.

Chris has a particular interest in investigating and targeting the origin of injuries rather than treating the symptoms and continues to treat several Australian Prime ministers, politicians, international diplomats and celebrities.

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